• Me: Is the one smoking in the bed me?
  • Breanna: Yeah, because I was going to draw Simon lying on top of you.

"These sour patch kids are addicting. They should call them sour crack kids. Or crack patch kids. Our just sour patch crack." -Julie

But Cate knows everything! She’s omni-POTENT! -Julie

Stephanie: We could go to the movies…sober. We could stay in and watch a movie…sober. We could be sober…sober.

Hannah: None of those sound any fun!

Stephanie: We could go to dinner…sober.

"It’s like my thumb fucked the bunny and then I got stuck." -Hannah, about opening a box of macaroni

Cate: But then the bearded guy has to pick them up! And he’s my friend.

"unless she was really saying "milliseconds", in which case we’re already late." - hannah

Cate: “I should have her show me her sweater.”

Julie: “Yes. She should show her yours.”

Julie: Hannah, you don’t feel sick at all, do you?

Hannah: WAT.

Julie: Do you feel sick?

Hannah: NO.

Julie: That’s good.

Hannah: OKAY.

"Guys, I DON’T have a brain tumor!" Stephanie